Our Philadelphia Locksmith Services

Residential Locksmith

House locks can be a pain and it’s important to have the right tools for your job. Bumping keys, pinning picks with specially made metal shims so they fit perfectly into any tumbler or opening. We come equipped not only with many lube (including oil-less) , high-security tools as well; anything from new cylinder inserts.

Commercial Locksmith

If you’re in need of a commercial locksmith, our team can help! Our services are tailored for businesses and companies. Let us know what type or size your business is so we give accurate quotes that fit accordingly. 

Automotive Locksmith

When you need a locksmith, it’s important to find someone who will provide quality work and excellent customer service. Our team of experts is here for all your automotive needs! We can install new keys or replace broken ones; we also offer key-cutting services. Let’s get in touch so our knowledgeable staff could help get things set!

Key Fob Replacement

Key replacement is a delicate procedure that requires special attention. Your key might be broken, damaged or worn out which means it needs to go in for repairs before you can lock up your home again!

The most common type of repair for this issue are copies made from physicalerences taken during an original installation process; however there’s also reprogramming methods if programming details aren’t available anymore but still want access opened as soon possible.

Car Key Replacement

The faulty ignition switch is one of the most dangerous car problems you can have. You may not even know that your vehicle has an issue with it until there’s already been two accidents, both where people were killed because they couldn’t turn their cars off mid-drive or unlock themselves steering into wrong directions respectively!

West Philadelphia Locksmith is here for all your automotive locksmith needs. If you notice that something seems off with the keyless remote or car’s ignition switch, don’t hesitate to call us – we replace them efficiently at an affordable price! 

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We’re the locksmith you need if your car keys are broken or missing. We offer automotive, residential and commercial services that can help with any problem concerning keys – from replacement of lost originals to programming new fobs for electronic ignitions! 


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West Philadelphia Locksmith Frequently
Asked Questions

When you need an emergency locksmith, there's no better company than Locksmith pro. We will be on our way as soon as possible to wherever in Philadelphia area your location is! You can email us or call for assistance- it doesn't matter how busy they are because our specialists work quickly so that everyone gets back into their home safe & sound.

If you're looking to get your locks changed, West Philadelphia Locksmith can help. The cost of changing a lock depends on the type and number of doors that are being replaced; however there will still be an upfront discussion about what needs doing so expect this when dealing with any services from us unless it's just one or two places needing work done at once!

If you have lost your car key, West Philadelphia Locksmith can make a replacement for it. You will need to provide the following information: year model and type (year/make) of vehicle as well registration number before they proceed with production; also let them know if any keys were stolen because he'll reprogramming these locks accordingly so that previous sets don't work anymore preventing theft!

You can take the lock to West Philadelphia Locksmith. Our locksmiths will be able to open it without any major problems and possibly even fix whatever is wrong with them. However, you need proof that you are authorized by owner rights over what's being worked upon so as not let people come onto your property unannounced!