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A full-service, one-stop locksmith shop that will assist you with any auto, commercial, or home emergency. We provide quality workmanship at competitive rates for Philadelphia and its surrounding areas.

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West Philly Expert Locksmith Services

Expert Residential, Commercial and Automotive Locksmiths in Philadelphia

West Philly Expert Locksmith Services

West Philadelphia Locksmith offers a wide range of services to meet your needs from simple keys and unlock doors, emergency lockout repairs or installation for when you’re away on vacation. You can also count on us if it’s time for new locks as we offer the latest technology in high security locks! We are committed not only provide excellent service but be innovative too; dare I say “cutting edge”? 

We fix all sorts of key and lock issues

With our wide range of locksmith services, we can help you with any type or size lock. Whether it’s commercial business security needs like safe installation and servicing all the way down to residential house keys made right here on site – no job is too big nor too small! 

Residential Locksmith

We come equipped not only with all types of lube (including oil-less) , high security tools as well; anything from new cylinder inserts.

Commercial Lockmith

In the event you’ve been locked out of your place in Philadelphia, our commercial locksmiths are there to help.

Automotive Locksmith

We handle everything from basic repairs and servicing, such as changing out broken keys or fixing door mechanism issues due damage. 

Key Fob Replacement

We offer a vast range of products, including car keys and remote headless entry systems. 

Car Key Replacement

Whether your car is old or new, West Philadelphia Locksmith can help with important services for cars like installing the latest security features

our technicians are trained with the latest security technology

Since the locks on your doors are a very personal matter, you need to trust them with every aspect of their function. Our expert technicians know what they’re doing and will make sure that everything runs smoothly from installation through regular maintenance so no problems arise down the line! All of our locksmiths go through intensive training to make sure they know how best to work with all types and models. We are your go-to locksmith when you need help with any type of lock or key. Let’s get in touch so we can get started!

reliable locksmith services in west philadelphia

Affordable Price

No extra costs-we include the total price in our quote upfront

High Quality Services

Expert service and quality locks. Durable and heavy duty security system.

West Philadelphia Locksmith provides Services for any emergencies

West Philly Professional Locksmith Services

We are the only locksmiths around Philadelphia with years of experience, modernized equipment and friendly technicians. Whether you need us to solve an urgent problem related your home’s security system or make it one step ahead so that none can break in easily – we got what it takes! A good Locksmith should be not just well-trained but also dependable as well which is why our staff will offer all these qualities plus more when providing solutions for any issue whatever type they may seem like at first glance 

West Philly Professional Locksmith Services

We make keys on the spot

We are a top-rated locksmith in the Philadelphia area that specializes in car key replacement, fob replacements and all other automotive services. We have been providing high quality service for over 10 years helping people with their vehicle lockouts as well new keys made available through our professional team of technicians who specialize on every type emergency need from changing tires to opening locked garages! 

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We’re the locksmith you need if your car keys are broken or missing. We offer automotive, residential and commercial services that can help with any problem concerning keys – from replacement of lost originals to programming new fobs for electronic ignitions! 


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West Philadelphia Locksmith Frequently
Asked Questions

When you need an emergency locksmith, there's no better company than Locksmith pro. We will be on our way as soon as possible to wherever in Philadelphia area your location is! You can email us or call for assistance- it doesn't matter how busy they are because our specialists work quickly so that everyone gets back into their home safe & sound.

If you're looking to get your locks changed, West Philadelphia Locksmith can help. The cost of changing a lock depends on the type and number of doors that are being replaced; however there will still be an upfront discussion about what needs doing so expect this when dealing with any services from us unless it's just one or two places needing work done at once!

If you have lost your car key, West Philadelphia Locksmith can make a replacement for it. You will need to provide the following information: year model and type (year/make) of vehicle as well registration number before they proceed with production; also let them know if any keys were stolen because he'll reprogramming these locks accordingly so that previous sets don't work anymore preventing theft!

You can take the lock to West Philadelphia Locksmith. Our locksmiths will be able to open it without any major problems and possibly even fix whatever is wrong with them. However, you need proof that you are authorized by owner rights over what's being worked upon so as not let people come onto your property unannounced!